Borges and some types of metaphors

In the chapter "Exam of Metaphors" of his book Inquisitions-which he wrote when he was 25-Borges analyzes some types of metaphors ("link between two different concepts") in literature. What I found most interesting is the aesthetic insight which he provides. Here's the list:

  • A translation that substantivates abstract concepts: 
Mas nos llevan los rigores; Como el pampero a la arena (Martin Fierro)
  • Its inverse:  the image that subtilizes the concrete
Las hojas sonolientas y cansadas de sol (Lenau)
  •  The image that seizes a coincidence of forms
  • The image that amalgamates the auditive with the visual, painting the sounds or listening to shapes
  • The image that the the fugacity of time assigns the fixity of space
  • Its inverse: The metaphor that unleashes space over time
  • The image that crumbles a reality lowering it into negation
  • Its inverse: the trap that substantivates negations
  • The image that for exalting some isolated thing, multiplicates it into numerosity
I'll add the poems later...

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