Majority, Multitude, and Probability in Biblical and Talmudic writers

R. Louis Jacobs observes that:
Thus probability in Hebrew is rab (רָב, abundance). It seems an interesting vindication of the frequentist version of probability! But specifically, it reinforces the intuitive idea that probability are statements about aggregates.

Interestingly enough, there is the the Justinian Digest a rule of thumb to overcome evidential deadlocks enunciated by Paulus that hinges on the concept of the majority (plerumque):
In obscuris, inspici solere quod, verisimilius est, aut quod plerumque fieri solet. Corpus Iuris Civilis, Justinian Digest 50.17.114.
(when there is obscurity, we usually regard that what has appearance of truth or what is mostly done) 

Jacobs, L. (1984) The Talmudic Argument. Cambridge UP, p. 50f.

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